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  • Music is a sound topic.
  • This page offers just a start in mapping out music I like.
  • I used a Facebook LivingSocial application to help catalogue some more mainstream music that I listen to starting in 2008, but the application was discontinued.
  • In 2009 I started using YouTube to find music too, my profile on there is agdturner
  • It is interesting thinking about how to organise a music catalogue and I'm learning as I go along.
  • Any piece of music belongs to a degree in all the various categories of music. Some have a high degree of membership with one or other music genre.
  • Consider how difficult it is to classify an artist (musician) or a group of artists given how difficult it is to classify a piece of music.
  • So what is this web page for? - I guess more for my benefit and perhaps more for those with similar tastes than for anyone else.
  • Contents
    • How did I get into music?
    • A catalogue
      • Pop
        • Jazz/Blues/Rock/Funk/Ska/Reggae/Dub
        • Urban/Dance/Electronic
          • Drum & Base/Jungle/Happy Hardcore/Techno/Trance
          • Trance/Psychedelia
          • Funky, Soulful, Progressive, House
          • Hip-Hop/Rap
      • Traditional
        • Classical
    • References
How did I get into music?
  • I think the first time I got excited about music was when I played records on my folks player when we lived in Doncaster back in the 1980's.
  • It wasn't long after this that my brother Jim got a portable tape machine that we could hook up and record on.
  • In my early years I liked drums and the electronic noises computers made. I was exposed to rock and role and classical music through the good taste of my folks. In a way I liked noise and was interested in sounds more than melody per se. Gradually I was introduced to more different types of music via the radio and my brother Jim and friends. I have to mention Jim as not only does he have good taste, but he introduced me to so much...
  • I've always liked the sound of the piano and I had lessons to learn, but I was a very bad student in this (and the recorder and the cello). Actually, I think I realised that I did not have a natural gift for playing music like some. Some of my friends played music and I was always impressed when I heard them practice and perform.
  • In terms of making music, I probably have little to offer, but I do appreciate all those who have played a part in producing music. I love to hear it, I love to feel it and I especially like it when it takes control and leads me to dance.
  • Not long after we moved to Aylesbury and I started with paper rounds, I started buying music.
  • I got a record player discovered Oven Ready Records (ORR) and record fairs. Most of my pocket money went on music.
  • To begin with I bought what I new of, Rock and Roll and music from various groups friends had discovered. Soon with the help of ORR and with immersion in popular culture I was discovering music I could take for others to listen to for the first time.
  • I don't remember when it was exactly, but I started asking ORR to get me Jungle tapes. I had been to a few rave/party events and had some recordings of Jungle, but nothing "official" and nothing really as good as I new the music could be. I wanted some official recordings that did not have an MC spoiling the music with shout outs. In 1993 I got a copy of a DJ Ratty mix from The Edge in Coventry and a Mickey Finn mix called The Wedding Anniversary which started a reasonably large collection of Jungle that I assmebled on tape and took to University in Leeds.
  • Jungle was seemingly not big in Leeds, well at least in the city centre clubs at this time (1993). I met friends that were into Jungle and I heard many recordings in their collections and got to know more of the style of other artists.
  • If you would have asked me 10 years ago what my favourite music was, it was Jungle, and probably my favourite recordings at the time were down to DJ Hype. I still love Jungle and most forms of Drum & Base. My latest discovery (thanks to Ratty is DJ Pressure). If either of you read this, then thanks for the music :-)
  • I like many sounds and music. At the moment I'm finding it easier to map out the electronic/dance because the artists are still around and putting music online.
  • Anyway, enough of this for now, I hope if you visit this page, you enjoy the music that can be heard following some of the links.
A catalogue